e unlawful tiara of the pontiffs was placed unlawfully on the head of a king of England. Other Carthusians were put to death somewha


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t later. Meanwhile Henry VIII. desired to preserve a balance between papists and heretics. The Roman tribun

als struck one side only, but this strange prince gloried in striking both sides at once. An opportunity of doing so occurred. Some anabaptists from the Low Countries were convicted on the 25th of May: tw


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o of them were taken to Smithfield and twelve others sent to different cities, where they suffered the punishmen

  • A few minutes later an
  • d these monks, dressed in
  • the robes of their o
  • rder, were swinging

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t by fire. All of them went to death with cheerful hearts.[123] The turn of the

illustrious captives was at hand. CHAPTER VI. EXECUTION OF BISHOP FISHER AND SIR THOMAS MORE. (May to September 1535.) Not long after the death of the Carthusians, Cromwell paid More a visit. Henry VIII. loved his former chancellor, and desired to save his life.



'I am your f


riend,' said Cromwell, 'and the king is a good and gracious lord towards you.' He then once again invited More to accept the act o

f parliament


which proclaimed the king's supremacy; and the same steps were taken with Fisher. Both refused what was asked. From that moment the execution of


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the sentence could not be long delayed. More felt this, and as soon as the Secretary of State had left him, he took a piece of coal and wrote some verses upon the w

all, expressive of the peace of his soul. =FISHER'S LAST DAYS.= Henry and his minister seemed however to hesitate. It had not troubled them much to punish a few papists and obscure ana